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Release & Retape Remover Kit for Tape In, Keratin, Quick Weave and Front Lace Wig Hair Extensions

Release & Retape Remover Kit for Tape In, Keratin, Quick Weave and Front Lace Wig Hair Extensions

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This professional-strength Remover bundle for Tape In Hair Extensions is a two step bundle that enables professionals and hair extension users alike, to safely and quickly remove and retape their client's hair extensions with no damage to the hair. For optimal results, use this kit for fast, mess-free, and damage-free hair extension removal.

No 1: Discover a faster and easier way to remove your hair extensions with No1 Remover. Our powerful formula effortlessly releases the bond between extensions and hair, deactivating the tackiness of the bond so you can remove hair extensions no rinse needed. Works on Tape In, Keratin, Quick Weave and Front Lace Wig extensions for easy removal and reapplication. Perfect for correcting mistakes in application no rinse needed. Make tape in maintenance quick and easy with No 1 Remover. No 1 is used to release tape adhesive bond. Proceed with No 2 to remove any residue left from Extension wear.

Directions: Spray on top of the tape strip to break down adhesive bond. Insert metal tip comb in between the tape panels to gently release them. For K-Tips, saturate the link with No 1 using hair pliers or pressing on it with finger tips. For Front Lace Wigs, spray directly onto the lace avoiding contact with eyes.

Ingredients: USP Isopropanol, organic essential oils and organic fragrance added

No 2:  Residue Remover for Hair Extensions is an oil-based remover designed to easily break down and remove adhesive residue from hair extensions after extended wear. This professional-grade remover safely and effectively removes the tape, bond and residue from any type of extension, leaving behind utterly clean results. Perfect to remove the tape from panel without damage or the use of any tool. 

Directions: Spray on the area to remove adhesive residue, comb through & repeat if necessary. Rinse with clarifying shampoo and until hair feels clean.

Ingredients: Hydrocarbon solvent, organic essential oils and organic fragrance added



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