My story

Hello! My name is Laura and I am from Margarita Island, Venezuela and I am the founder and operator of The Smart Chemist. I was mainly inspired by my dad, a chemistry teacher, my consultant behind my products and how growing up so close to him and going to his job in laboratories made a huge impact in my life. From a young age I was making hair scrunchies and re selling items in school to make money, so I can say that I have been an entrepreneur for a while! My dad, who was also my 9th grade chemistry teacher; taught me that chemistry is everything and everywhere, trial and error and making notes from experiments. And as an assignment, we made shampoo with natural ingredients and it was the best shampoo we all used in the house that even neighbors and students purchased from my dad. I really wanted to be a chemist just like him but I didn't have the GPA required to enroll in engineer in chemistry; rather I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages. Fast forward, my mom and I owned a salon professional supply store and my hair journey began! And after been in the industry for 5+ years, I noticed that products were created for textured hair from people that don't wear it and I felt the urge to bridge that gap and cater to this very specific niche with very specific needs and hair extension removing methods because I have textured hair as well. I strongly believe that chemistry is a vehicle for crafting products that can use just the right ingredients in a smart and strategic way; to not only have one product that works without combining many to achieve results or using too much product because it's not effective enough but also being conscious about plastic waste and the environment. And lastly, I included the first black chemist in the U.S Alice Ball in the design of the product labels, as she played a huge roll in developing treatments for leprosy and died at a very young age from chlorine poisoning while teaching how to properly use a gas mask during WW2